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The Red Curtain started in 1969. It was Arjun Chaudhuri's idea. A bunch of 'School Leavers' from Loreto House and St. Xavier's, Calcutta, got together to perform a little bit of fluff called "A Little Bit of Fluff".


Since then the theatre bug has not left us. Prolific in the '70s and '80s, The Red Curtain did have a hiatus in the '90s by which time the founder members had all left Calcutta in pursuit of their own careers. The Red Curtain was revived when Katy and Sumit (Lai Roy) returned to Kolkata, in 2002, and helped a resurgence of plays performed primarily in English. The Red Curtain family grew to 400+ audience and performance members.

In 2020, through the lockdown months, the Red Curtain rapidly evolved into The Red Curtain International after producing three successful online productions that turned geography into history. Real-time audiences, cast and crew logged in from around the world.

It further fueled our resolve to continue to do good theatre for good causes, so that the privileged of the world can help the less privileged.

The Red Curtain family now spans six continents and is a registered non-profit headquartered in Georgia, USA.

Since April 2020, The Red Curtain e-staged three Good The@tre Festivals & Awards. Join The Good The@tre Family if you would like to be kept informed of our upcoming shows and events.


We champion theatre that helps real-time audiences become better humans.

Come support good theatre for good causes.

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