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Turning Point
now has two more shows.

November 13 & 14, 2021 at 7 PM IST.

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By popular request
Friday, Sep 10, 7 PM IST
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Association Of Spine Surgeons of India(ASSI)

& The Red Curtain International share with you a play on the "challenges in the pursuit from being disabled to becoming abled; the transformation ". ASSI working towards mobility, ability, and preventing disability. Together we can make the change.

Dr. Shankar Acharya


On the occasion of World Spinal Cord Injury Day, we wish to spread awareness through a “Digital Play”. Covid 19 has been a “turning point” in our lives. Spinal Cord Injury also turns around the life of an affected individual. Take precautions for both. Enjoy this e-play !

Dr. H. S. Chhabra

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Spine Society of West Bengal  (SSWB) is committed to “turning around” the lives of patients affected with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). We wish to spread awareness of this devastating injury by staging  a virtual play known as “Turning Point”, to commemorate SCI Day, 5th September.  We hope you enjoy the play and take precautions to avoid SCI.

Dr. Saumyajit Basu


Dolly Thakore plays Mrs. Paymaster.

Aswin Varrier plays Darius, the tetraplegic protagonist.

Tanvee Ravi plays Rhoda, Darius' wife.

Deena Ardeshir plays Soonamai, Rhoda's grandmother.

Faredoon Bhujwala plays Narayan and Mr. Mathur, both significant change makers.

Sumit Lai Roy directs. 

Mustafa Moochhala produces. 
Aaron Targain is the technical director. 
Ashutosh Nath is the music director.
Tanmay Patel has art directed the publicity.

you #Act4Change