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Teach Yourself  The@tre

The Red Curtain International now has access to the talent that created award-winning the@tre.

 The@tre that knows no borders. Where geography is history.


The audience, performer, and crew could be anywhere in the world with a wi-fi connection.
They share the same time and space.


We call it the@tre. 


Now that theatres are opening up around the world, we are championing cross-cultural the@tre. Where the performers share a physical space as well as have a digital audience they can see and interact with from any part of the world with wifi access. Without the costs of travel.

We're not talking 'pre-recorded' or delayed streaming where you can't sense the audience.
We mean performances where the audience that day changes the performance that day.

The very essence of theatre.

No retakes.

Here are the options we offer for making the world your stage.

1. The@tre Without Borders
The best way to learn online the@tre is to do online the@tre.
The Red Curtain International will facilitate theatre groups who want to work
across geographies. Just get in touch and we will find you another theatre group
from another part of the world that you have never visited.

Ask here for our learn-by-earning offer.

2. Twenty-session Learn-by-Earning Workshop

If you are an independent thespian, this course is for you.
The course is conducted over 4 to 8 weeks and ends with you
becoming a part of a new production by The Red Curtain. 

The course deposit is the equivalent of US$ 20.
A new batch will start as soon as 10 participants sign up.

The pedagogy is simple.
Participants are divided into two teams. Preferably across geographies.

Two plays are produced for a paying audience at the end of the workshop.

Team A writes, directs, produces, designs and stage-manages while Team B performs that play.

Team B returns the favor and gets to produce a play that Team A performs.
All participants get to learn how to perform and produce for a global audience.
If they are good, they get to earn back their course fees.


Find out more.

3. Learn-by-Earning Internships

We invite students of theatre (of any age) to apply for internships of between two to three months. Those new to digital the@tre can learn by earning at least $200 per project.
How much the interns earn depends on how many projects
they have the time to take on. And how much money they can help raise.


Our internship program covers those who are interested in more than one of these areas.

Publicity. Financial Management. 
Production Design. 
Acting. Directing. Screen Management.


We will only be recruiting people we believe can earn at least $200 per project.

And that's why an Internship Aptitude Test is an important part of
our Learn-By-Earning Internship Program.

Apply here.

Theater Group


Sumit Roy 2010.jpg

Sumit Lai Roy

  • Facebook

Workshop Director
Pioneered ePlays for The Red Curtain.


Sumit is one of the Founder Members of The Red Curtain and has been involved in over 250 productions in his 50 + year affair with theatre.  As  Producer, Director, Actor, Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Set Fabricator,  Front-of-House Manager, and Prompter.

Professionally, he heads, a worldwide learn-by-earning coaching service that he runs from Kolkata, India. Sumit uses theatre coaching techniques to create brands out of businesses.


For The Red Curtain, he is passionate about growing people who grow theatre.

Aaron Targain.jpg

Aaron Targain

  • Facebook

Workshop Technical Director

Production Manager for two of The Red Curtain's three ePlays.

Aaron has been involved with a prolific theatre group in Kolkata, called Theatrecian, since 2012. Apart from Acting, he loves the Theatre Crafts of Lighting and Sound Engineering. 

As a graduate of SRFTI,  a leading national Film and Television Institute in India, Aaron brings to ePlays a unique combination of talents: a practicing knowledge of Cinematography and Production Design, blended with his love for Theatre.

Aaron has been involved in scores of theatrical productions and recently played a pivotal role in the revival production of Wait Until Dark, in The Red Curtain's 50th Year Festival of Plays.

Workshop Agenda


From Sanjeev Roy, Artistic Director, HokNatok


The e-play workshop run by The Red Curtain International was just the tonic our group needed.

We are Hoknatok, an amateur group of theatre lovers from Gurgaon.

Our latest production was scheduled for a mid May (2020) launch and then...

Sometime in August, we decided that we needed to adapt to the existing reality and plan shows online.
A fortuitous discussion with Sumit led to a customized workshop for us.
Learning what it will take to do a ‘zoom’ play, discovering the idiom, taking on the challenge of going ‘live’ online.


Besides learning new skills,
the workshop has provided renewed energy and focus to the group.
Everyone is talking about ‘tech checks’, light balance and raring to go.

Theatre enthusiasts,

this workshop is highly recommended to learn a new language

that will help to keep theatre alive and going in the virtual world.

Thank you, The Red Curtain International, for the ray of hope.

Workshop Registation Link
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