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1. What is The Red Curtain?


The Red Curtain is a theatre group that champions good theatre for good causes. In 2020, we discovered how to do digital and phygital plays which made theatre geography history.   Though its roots are in India for the last five decades, the Red Curtain International is now a registered non-profit as a 501(c)(3) organization in Atlanta, Georgia/USA. 


2. How do I become a member?


It's easy to be a member of The Red Curtain International and become part of The Good The@tre Family. You just need to believe enough in good theatre for good causes to have visited our site at least once in three months to have done any one of the following: 

A) Made a contribution of $5 or more as an audience member;
B) Performed in any of the productions we've promoted in that quarter; 
C) Used our Training services;
D) Used our Auditioning help;
E) Written or commented on our  Good The@tre Blog;
F) Used our Newsletter to make a booking of any production featured there;
G) Introduced someone else as a member. 

H) Attended one of our monthly meets.

I) Volunteered your time to run our activities.

In sum, if you've ever logged in to our website in the last three months to use our services, you stay a member. That's right, for a lifetime.

In case you haven't used any of our services in the last three months, your membership could lapse. 

You can renew your membership by doing any of the activities A to C listed above! When you are ready to be an active member again.

3. What are the member benefits?


Once you are part of The Good The@tre Family here's what you are entitled to:

Get updates of the best live the@tre around the world

Participate in our monthly meets

Get a 25% discount on training services

Get auditioning help

Avail early bird bookings on member productions

Participate in our global the@tre festivals

4. How can I volunteer?


Write to us at with the headline I'd like to volunteer. Then list which of our activities you'd like to volunteer on. If you're not sure, just ask to be assigned to an area where we are currently short-handed. If you volunteer for three months, you automatically become a member for the next three months. And thereafter can be a member for life by remaining active every quarter.

Here's where we could do with help:

A) Social Media and PR
B) Training Services
C) Talent Scouting 
D) Festiv@l Co-ordination

5. Does TRCi have age restrictions on its shows?

We announce in advance what age the content is appropriate for. We also announce 'trigger' content that may not be appropriate for certain audiences.

6. How do I submit an entry to the Short play Festival?

You can use the ENTRY FORM on this page. If you need any clarifications do not hesitate to write to

7. Why did you choose Himalayan Children's Charities as the cause?

We were impressed with the consistent work that they have been doing for over 20 years.

8. Do you offer financial assistance for workshops?

Yes, we do. We want to support good the@tre talent from anywhere in the world.

If you feel you need financial support for our world-class training services, please apply for a scholarship explaining why you need the financial help. You may be required to go through an audition before the scholarship is offered to you. Please write to
with the headline Training Scholarship required.

9. Whom do I contact to get more information about auditions?


Please write to with the headline Audition help required.

10. How do I get a ticket for a show?

When bookings are open you can get a link from here

11. How much is a ticket?

For productions that The Red Curtain International puts together, there are no priced tickets. Only links to the shows we produce. We encourage audiences to donate what they can or 'pay it forward'. Anyone who donates more than US$5 automatically becomes a member.

12. I would like to be an actor. How can I get an acting role?

Our Auditions page was made for you. Apply here.

13. I am a scriptwriter. Can I share my scripts here?

We don't have a script sharing service as yet. But if there are more than ten of you, we might start one. Right now, we'd love to read that script and see whether we can help it see the light of day. Please write to with the headline Here's a script for a play. 

We will give you honest feedback by having at least three of our senior members read it. If the script is on par with or better than the plays that have made it to our Festiv@ls, we will help produce your script as a play.

14. What are phygital plays?

This is a term we use for plays where the actors (and some audience members) are in one physical location but the production can be watched live online from anywhere in the world.

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