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Now available as a call show

Can be performed digitally for any organization interested in Indian Folk Tales in English

What are the Panchatantra Tales?

Well before Aesop's Fables and Grimm's Fairy Tales came these stories that taught the world how to be human.

A unique audience-interactive online play for all ages. Rediscover ancient Indian wisdom for modern times.

Audience members are encouraged to come dressed in their ethnic best and become part of King Sudarshan's Court. 

A special production by The Red Curtain International and Dignity Theatre to raise funds for Indian Senior Citizens in need.

Good theatre for a good cause.



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The audience can be
part of this play!

And guess the moral of each story

Come become part of an interactive experience.
You can choose to be a silent spectator 
or an active part of the audience with privileged rights at King Sudarshan's Court!

Come dressed as noblemen, noblewomen,
or children in 500 BCE.

Here are some examples.

There are more you can Google.

Whether you come dressed up
in your ethnic best or not,
with every donation
you get a viewing link.


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Scenes from Panchatantra Tales. Performed live online.

PTT The King's problem .png

The inaugural show on Oct 30, 2021, featured these five stories.
They can be performed, on request, for any occasion for people of all ages. The performance will be online but live.

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Panchatantra Stories poster Oct-05.jpg
Panchatantra Stories poster Oct-04.jpg
Panchatantra Stories poster Oct-01.jpg
Panchatantra Stories poster Oct-02.jpg
Come dressed in your ethnic best. From whichever part of India
or the rest of the world
you might be.

Those specially dressed for the occasion get a preference to speak at the court of King Sudarshan.

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