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How to become a


It is easy to become a member

You just need to be interested in good theatre. And a world without borders.

Any of these activities, done at least once in three months makes you an active member.

Contributed a minimum of $5 as an audience member
Performed in any of the productions we've promoted in that quarter
Used our Training services
Used our Auditioning help
Written or commented on our  Good The@tre Blog
Used our Newsletter to make a booking of any production featured there
Introduced someone else as a member

Attended one of our quarterly meets

Volunteered your time to run our activities

In sum, if you've ever logged in to our website in the last three months to use our services,
you stay a member.
That's right, for a lifetime.

In case you haven't used any of our services in the last three months, your membership could lapse. 

You can renew your membership by doing any of the activities A to D listed above!
When you are ready to be an active member again.

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