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The Good The@tre Ecosystem

  • Any theatre group can list a play they are doing in
    the next three months. Physical or Digital. Free.

  • They can avail of a Booking and Publicity Service for a global audience. 25% of collections is retained by TRCi

  • If the play is for a good cause 20% is retained
    by TRCi. 30% goes to the cause. 50% to
    the Production House

  • Members have access to a newsletter: Around The World in 80 seconds. Lists all plays that can be watched from home

  • Members have access to an auditioning service.
    List your profile if you are looking for assignments.

  • Members get invited to the monthly meetup



Good The@tre Family Members meet on the first Sunday of each quarter.

We'll take you around the world in 80 minutes.