The The@tre Heals Adda*

Usually, on the first Sunday of each quarter. Next one on December 4, 2022.


02:00 PM

in your local time zone

An *Adda is a Bengali term for a free flowing chat.

In our version, Good The@tre Family Members gather
and share what's happening in their part of the world 
by way of the@tre you could watch
from anywhere in the world.

Good the@tre. Good causes.
The@tre that heals.

Expect to meet thespians who have just started their day in Los Angeles
to those in Melbourne who are ready for their nightcap.

Theatre Adda Taoff Carnivale.jpg

Who can speak?

Anyone who joins on time gets at least 80 seconds. 
Or you could just listen. But that's no fun.
Keep your video on if you would like to add to the adda.

If you need more than 80 seconds, write to
So that we can finish our Sunday journey around the world of the@tre in 80 minutes.