Our donation partner, Himalayan Children’s Charities (HCC), creates paths out of poverty for orphaned, abandoned and marginalized children in Nepal. 
HCC's programs provide quality education through university, innovative mentorship and a loving family environment, lifting our students into lives of leadership and success. 
Founded in 2000, HCC has directly supported over 250 remarkable Nepali students and impacted the lives of thousands more.
          Click here to learn more: hccnepal.org
Good the@tre for a good cause.
The net proceeds of the Good The@tre Festival 2021 will go to our donor partners,
Himalayan Children's Charities.

This year we are giving 50% of the collections from each finalist's performance to the production company,
retaining 20% for running the festival and giving 30% of the collections to our donation partners.

It's our effort to live up to our mission. To support good theatre for good causes.


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