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Artists for other Artists

Come be part of The Good The@ter Family and donate what you can.
The Eight Finalists are donating their time.
You can show your appreciation by being a good theater patron.

If you would like to donate in INR,

While this Festival celebrates the brave thespians who have chosen technology to continue with their passion for theater, it is also designed to raise vital funds for theater artisans in India who are finding it difficult to survive the pandemic.
Good the@ter for a good cause.

All proceeds from The Short Pl@ys Festival
will be given to our donor partner StayIN aLIVE 
(after deducting 
expenses for the execution of this festival).
StayIN aLIVE aims to give back to the live arts and performance industry
in a time of great need, and to create a movement of self-sufficiency within the industry.

Any amount you donate to this Festiv@l will help this cause.



Please donate below to The Red Curtain International.
The blue button accepts donations in USD. 
Thank you!