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Welcome to

The Good The@tre Family

It's quite easy to become a member of The Red Curtain's Good The@tre Family.


Anyone who loves theatre can be a member.

Anyone who has been part of the cast and crew of any of our productions or festiv@ls is already a 'Performing Member'.

Anyone who has been a member of the audience is an 'Audience Member'.

In fact, anyone who supports good theatre for a good cause is a 'Family Member'.

It's that simple.

If you love theatre you can be a member.

And once you are a member, you can come and see plays from any place in the world
and donate what you want to support the cause of good theatre.

Once you subscribe you will get regular updates of
what is happening in the world of the@tre.

The@tre you can be part of from your home.

Geography is history.


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