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Good The@ter Festival and Aw@rds

Good The@ter Festival 2020 Show Registration.

Entry Free. Yet help save lives.

Our Donation Partner

We've made entry to The Good The@ter Festival FREE.

But you can still choose to help save the lives of theater artists in India struggling to survive the pandemic.  Just donate what you can.  Spread the word.

And if you would like to DOUBLE the impact of your donation, make your donation early. The first US $1500 received is matched by an anonymous donor. 


If you'd like to book individual shows, check out the show timings and Book Now.


You'll be able to see any of these shows, free.  We encourage you to donate any amount after you've seen each show.  No donation is too small ... or too large!!!


Listen to some great music while you choose your shows!

Bach Bouree - TRCi

All Times Listed Are in Your Local Time Zone

The Good The@ter Festival Aw@rds 

TRC 300x300.jpg

You will have watched some or all of the ePlays, and donated to our donor partner StayIN aLIVE!   Thank You! 

Now join the production companies, the jury, and the Good The@ter Festival organizers at the The Good The@ter Festival Aw@rds ceremony on Nov 29.  The 11 Jurors from 8 nations will be handing out 6 awards.  Join in the excitement as the six prestigious awards are presented.  The Aw@rds  Show is planned to be 75 minutes in length.

We are giving awards for Best Script, Best Individual Performance, Best Ensemble, Most Innovative Use of Technology, Best Direction, and Best Production​.   

Wang Chong, who wrote The Online Theater Manifesto, is going to be in conversation with the 9 Finalist Directors.

Finalists 1020 x 1020-07.jpg
Finalists 1020 x 1020-02.jpg
Finalists 1020 x 1020-01.jpg
Finalists 1020 x 1020-08.jpg
Finalists 1020 x 1020-04.jpg
Finalists 1020 x 1020-03.jpg
Finalists 1020 x 1020-06.jpg
Finalists 1020 x 1020-09.jpg

Can The@ter Help Save Lives?

Like what you see?  Consider making a donation to our partner, StayINalive

Our Donation Partner

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