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1. How did The Good The@tre Festival & Aw@rds come about?

The festival was created by The Red Curtain International to showcase the work of other like-minded theatre groups who refused to let theatre stop just because auditoriums were closed. We created a Festiv@l and Aw@rds for productions that were not pre-recorded for “live streaming”.   Though its roots are in India for the last five decades, the Red Curtain International is now a registered non-profit as a 501(c)(3) organization in Atlanta, Georgia/USA.

2. How did The Red Curtain International pick the cause to support?

The Red Curtain has been around for 52 years and espouses the mission of “good theatre for good causes” starting with net proceeds going to Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charities in 1969 in Calcutta, India.  For the Good The@tre Festival and Awards 2021, we have chosen Himalayan Children's Charities (HCC) as our donation partner.  Founded in 2000, HCC is a registered 501(c)3 charity that creates paths out of poverty for vulnerable children and at-risk youth in Nepal through investment in quality education, innovative mentorship and a loving family environment. 

3. Who is the Good The@tre Festival @ Awards’ donation partner?  Where can I learn more?

Our donation partner is Himalayan Children's Charities.  Their website is 

4. When was Himalayan Children's Charities/HCC formed and what do they do?

Founded by Susan Keenan and Bruce Keenan in 2000, HCC has  directly supported 213 students and impacted the lives of thousands more. Your donations will  help abandoned, orphaned, and impoverished students in Nepal get an education and a safe place to live.

5. How does HCC handle donations?

100% of net donations from individuals and organizations towards the mission of HCC (plus 30% of booking revenue) will go to HCC.  HCC uses these and other donation funds very efficiently towards program expenses for children in Nepal, with 96% being used for programs and only 4% for administration and fundraising.

6. Has any outside organization provided an official rating for Himalayan Childrens' Charities/HCC?

HCC has the highest rating levels (including transparency) from Guidestar, GlobalGiving, GreatNonProfits, and Charity Navigator.  

7. What have been the results of the work done by Himalayan Children's Charities/HCC to help youth? 

  • Students Impacted:  over 10,000 children have benefited from HCC's outreach programs

  • Students Supported:  HCC has supported 213 children with quality educaiton, nurturing care, and cutting-edge mentorship since 2000

  • University Students:  20+ students are studying or have studied in university.  Twelve of them have graudated with university degrees

HCC's latest annual report is at: 

8. What part of Festiv@l bookings  is planned to be donated to Himalayan Children's Charities/HCC?

30% of net funds from bookings for individual shows and season passes for the Festiv@l will be passed along to HCC.  50% of net funds from donor passes will be passed along to HCC. 

9. Does The Red Curtain International pay its staff/volunteers?  How about the festival jury? Or the actors and crew?

a. The Red Curtain International is made up 100% of volunteers who are not paid. We do good theater for good causes … because we love good theater and good causes.

b. The jury members from across the globe are not paid.  We are very grateful to them and thank them for agreeing to participate in the festival to help pick the award winners.

c. There are some reimbursable production and festival expenses such as Zoom licenses, booking site fees, production costs, internet charges for performers to get better bandwidth during the shows, and so on.  50% of bookings generated by production houses/theatre groups in the festival will be offered to those groups for their expenses such as payment to the cast and crew for their performances and rehearsals, and related items.  The group may then choose to return all or part to be donated towards the "good cause" of HCC.  

10. Where can I get additional information on the Festival?

Information is available at


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