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Learn how to earn through online The@tre

Image by Chris Montgomery

Monthly Meets

Every month The Red Curtain
will host a skills enhancing interactive session that features the theatre thought leaders of
The Good The@tre Family

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How to create a black box theatre in your home
Date and Time TBD

Dhanendra Kawade

Learn-by-Earning Workshop

A twenty-session program where participants learn to produce and perform phygital the@tre.

Ends with a devised production that is marketed around the world.

Learn how to produce good theatre for good causes. 
Admission deposit: $20 per participant.
(Scholarships available.)
You earn this deposit back. And you could earn more.

Proceeds go to a cause agreed to by the participants

Phygital The@tre

The Red Curtain will be happy to show theatre groups anywhere in the world how their existing productions can be viewed by audiences worldwide.

The number of sessions depends on the complexity of the production involved.

Usually, four online consultation sessions are enough, for a play that is already ready.


Coaching honorarium:
Pay what you want.  


Online Coaching
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