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Our first production was a little bit of fluff called A Little Bit Of Fluff.

Proceeds went to Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity. She came to collect the cheque herself.

From then we were hooked to doing good theater for good causes.


The Red Curtain was prolific during the 70s. Over 20 productions. Here are some.

1970: The Bet

1971: The Man Who Came To Dinner

1971: Look Back In Anger

1972: Wait Until Dark

1972: Hamlet

1973: Ring Round The Moon
1973: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

1974: Amedee

1974: Ghosts

1975: Miss Julie

1975: Birthday Party

1975: Cancer

1975: A Macbeth


We slowed down. The Founder Members had started careers. Many left Calcutta to pursue their careers. Still, some milestone productions happened.

1983: Richard III

1987: The Immortal Couples of Shakespeare


Katy Lai and Sumit Roy returned to Kolkata after 14 years in Mumbai. The Red Curtain got a new lease of life.
2002: Harlequinade

2003: Peacewards

2003: The Importance of Being Stoppard

2004: Rhinoceros

2005: Othello

2006: Silence! The Court Is In Session

2008: The Proof


2012: My Mother Said I Never Should.

2013: Unspoken Monologues
2014: See You In The Backfield!

2014: A Few Threads More

2015: New Market Tales

2015: The Bigger Piece of Fish...

2016: Mastermoshai

2017: Kinda Like Me

2017: Whose Daughter Is It Anyway?

2019: Ragtime Blues

2019: Wait Until Dark Reprise

2019: A Mr. Tagore


We discovered online the@ter and became The Red Curtain International.
April 2002: Three Men In A Boat + Monty

May 2002: The Golden Throne

June 2002: The Little Prince

November 2020: The Good The@ter Festival & Awards.

2021 The Good The@ter Family is borm

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