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Dance Performance


Participate in the 

Good The@ter Festival. 
Next year.

Rules For Participation

Entries for the 2020 version of the Festiv@l are now closed.

The Red Curtain 
invites theater groups and production companies
from across the world to register
and participate in the 2021 festival. 

Aw@rds Judging Criteria

The Aw@rds will be decided by a Jury Panel composed of theater professionals and academics from various countries and continents. 

There will be an audience poll, but only for the jury to gauge how well the production engaged with
the audience.

Audience Applauding

The Aw@rds

The winners will receive a Certificate of Merit from The Red Curtain Good The@ter Festival along with

a cash prize of USD 500
for each category. 

  1. The Best Individual Performance 

  2. The Best Ensemble Performance 

  3. The Best Script

  4. The Most Innovative Use of Technology

  5. The Best Director

  6. The Best Production

The winners may choose to keep the prize money or donate it to a festival-approved Theater Guild in their respective country/continent that supports artists facing economic hardship because physical theaters are closed.

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