Good The@ter Festival 2020 Shows

The Art of Facing Fear

The Art of Facing Fear – Brazil, UK, Sweden, Germany, Cape Verde, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Zimbabwe

In a dystopian future, people are trying to reshape their own histories after the pandemic. During the 5,555 days of quarantine, isolated and afraid, they have created a new group on the Internet in which they connect with each other. This group of friends can’t understand how it is still possible to have electric energy and web access, because all the TV channels and newspapers have vanished, and the cities are abandoned. The main themes are depression, loneliness, hatred, the fear of infection, the angst of nearing death and the sadness concerning the intolerance and political extremism.

Scriptwriters: Ivam Cabral, Rodolfo García Vázquez
Produced by: Os Satyros
Directed by: Rodolfo García Vázquez

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