Good The@ter Festival 2020 Shows

One Can Only Laugh

One Can Only Laugh - India

‘One Can Only Laugh' is a play that brings together the multiple realities that are overwhelming all of us in the times we are living through. It speaks of the threat to democratic protest; the utter disregard for human life - especially of those from marginalized sections of society, be it migrant workers in India or black folks everywhere. It speaks of the continuing realities of sexual violence, the overemphasis on existing normative structures of society such as the family as the only way to be 'safe' during this pandemic and how that is claustrophobic for all those who spill outside of the normative. All these stories are presented with a poem presented by Maya Angelou. That rendering has been translated into Tamil. It emphasizes the suffocation of it all. 'I can't breathe' – is the chorus and the refrain in this play.

English subtitles will be provided.

Scriptwriters: Anitha, V Geetha, Sukirtharani, Ponni, Mangai
Produced by: Marappachi
Directed by: A. Mangai

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