Good The@ter Festival 2020 Shows


Metamorphosis – Wales, UK
Adult Themed


One morning Gregor Samsa woke in his bed from uneasy dreams and found he had turned into a monstrous verminous bug. In that moment his world instantly changed. Unable to leave his home, he could not work, he could not communicate, he could not hold his family close, he went from provider to burden. He was on mute while the world revolved around him. A cast of 12, all of whom awoke to a different world, without work, forced to reinterpret their profession, their identity, their very worth to the world, offer a reinterpretation of Franz Kafka’s classic novella for our times.

Scriptwriter: Devised by the cast, inspired by Franz Kafka
Produced by: Hijinx
Directed by: Ben Pettitt-Wade

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