Good The@ter Festival 2020 Shows

Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap on Zoom!

Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap on Zoom! - Singapore
Child Friendly


Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap on Zoom!® has been entertaining audiences with its quirky observations and wacky take on current affairs. In this digital edition, be entertained by a spin on tele-working, social distancing and, of course, The Virus!

The production fits in 15 plays in 30 minutes! But the audience gets to decide the order! Don't worry! No social distancing laws were broken!

Get ready to experience...some technical difficulties.

Scriptwriters: Melissa Sim, Jeremy Au Yong, Ross Nasir, Pavan J Singh, Nicholas Bloodworth, Victoria Chen, Vester Ng
Produced by: How Drama
Directed by: Melissa Sim

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