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A Red Curtain Theatre Confidence Workshop

International Women's Week

Twenty girls in Class 8 at Ek Tara Learning Centre at Topsia underwent The Red Curtain International's 20-session course in Phygital Theatre and produced this.


Here's your link to watch the show online. From anywhere in the world.
The link will be active 10 minutes before showtime

March 11, 2023
7 pm IST
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Don't Lose Your Hair

A smart teacher gets outwitted by an even smarter girl who loves algebra and dance

Inspector Khan

A thief who is a school drop-out gets converted by a woman cop to want to study and do well in life.


A lady doctor's instincts as a mother help her diagnose a very infectious disease

Digital Mothers

Girls show their mothers how to become even better mothers in the digital age.

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