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Gender Equality Month

Not that there should not be gender equality every month

Just that this month we are featuring plays from across the world
that further the cause of gender equality.

It's a shame that the world has not got there yet.

If you believe in it, come and show your support. 


Pay It Forward

All the shows listed on the page are free to watch.
But if you like it, pay it forward.
Proceeds go to Swayam, a not-for-profit based in our town of origin, Kolkata, India.

If you know other non-profits that can help the cause, do let us know.

Showing through March 2022

And Her Look Was Goodbye Square.jpeg
The Woman Who Wanted To Fly Square format.jpeg

From Bolivia and Brazil

From Bolivia and Iran

Black Hole Square.jpeg
Neeri instagram 1080x1080 - 2.png

Performers from four continents

Performed from USA, Directed from India

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